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Tattoo Care


Before we tell you exactly how to keep your ink looking like you got it done last month, let’s first look at what a tattoo is and why they need to be nurtured.

When getting a tattoo, the artist will deposit ink beneath the epidermis. The Artist will needle deeper than the upper layer of your skin. Why? Because the outer layer of your skin is continually shedding and you don’t want the art to shed with the dead skin cells shedding over time.
Think it’s all sorted? Not quite! Our skin has macrophage cells, they are the cells in our skin that detect bacteria in our skin. These cells will over time gradually absorb your ink and disperse it. Why? Because your body is recognizing the ink as something foreign and it wants to protect you.
The Second Culprit? Our friend the Sun. UV frequencies in sunlight are strong enough to break down the ink molecules over time, so tattoos that are always exposed will fader quicker.
Apart from sun exposure, poor aftercare and friction are more causes for your fading tattoo. That is where Elim comes in. We developed the Elim BodyScience Restorative Cream to care for your tattoo. This will save you a touch-up in a few years when your ink starts to look “not so fresh” anymore.

Apart from fading, we also see tattoos often drooping…. Yes, they sag with the elasticity of the skin that goes South. Keeping your skin tight is really the only remedy against a drooping tattoo. Of course, choosing the best areas where skin won’t age and wrinkle so quickly, will help, but keep your skin elasticized is your best bet. By the way, those 4 areas are the inner forearm, the upper outer area of your chest below the collarbone, the back of your neck or the center of your lower back. I know the latter two are not the most common areas, but if you want them not to wilt, sag or drop, it might be your best best.

Here are some actives in the Elim BodyScience Restorative Cream we recommend you use on your ink and why they are great.

·         Panthenol is a Vit B5 and a great skin conditioner.
·         Lady’s Mantle is rich in Essential Oil and Vit C – some call this the golden herb for your skin.
·         Horsetail Extract is rich in Potassium and Calcium – 2 elements that strengthen the skin.
·         Honey – Natures super humectant.
·         Ylang-Ylang – combats any skin inflammation and helps with the healing process when getting a new tat.
·         Grapefruit Oil is packed with Vit C and acts as the skin’s anti-oxidant.

So here you can see that you are conditioning, protecting, strengthening, nourishing, healing, and cleansing your skin.


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