What about a Waterless Pedi?

It is only a Capetonian, or should I say a South African that can make Load-shedding or using 50 liters of water a day, a great experience?

I remember when Load-shedding was first introduced, how excited my children were to sit at candlelight without the television. I remember how much time we spent with each other.

I am just amazed at how South Africans have the ability to make something great out of a crisis.  In my family we made the necessary changes to save water and the kids are loving the idea of two showers a week. This comes as no surprise to a mother of two boys.

We have this same attitude in our Salons and it makes me so excited to see the attitude of most of our therapists.  They are not soaking feet anymore but rather taking a warm compress and wiping feet. The masks are being wiped off rather than rinsed.

“SA, we at Elim are super proud of you! Thank you for making an effort. We know a completely dry Pedi is impossible but thank you for being part of saving our city and its resources.”  – Shantelle Booysen

Here are a few tips on saving water during your Pedi.

  • Instead of soaking the feet to sanitise, rather spritz the feet with sanitiser and wipe with a cool compress.
  • Add water to a spray bottle to wet any area of the skin.
  • Combine your mask and Exfoliator and only rinse once. They still perform their individual functions.
  • If you have a water feature in your spa, fill it with dry flowers.
  • Display plants in the Spa instead of flowers. It saves a lot of water.
  • Place a bowl in your basin, it will catch all the water and you can recycle it and water plants with it.
  • Give clients wine instead of water, here you save at least 10 liters a day.

If you are interested in learning more about a Water Saving Pedi, contact us today for the Elim MediHeel Super Pedicure.





Beauty is not affected by Recession … or is it?

Fashion ShowEven though many of us
are still feeling the aftermath of the recession, most of us in the Beauty Sector are feeling an increase in business.

Why is this and what is affecting this increase?

The answer really is simple. The worse people feel, the more they lean towards improving their general appearance.

This seems to be a phenomenon in only two sectors, the alcohol and vanity industries. But there seems to be an interesting side to this upward slant.

It is not the more expensive treatments that are getting all the attention. In the Alcohol sector we see the sales of less expensive options like wine increasing in sales and the more expensive hard liquor decreasing.

It is the same in the beauty sector, the nails are increasing and the more expensive massage treatments are decreasing.


mediheelbackgroundThis is important information when planning your promotions for the year.

We also see a trend where ‘at home – spa – treatments’ are becoming more popular. See https://www.elimspaproducts.com/shop/medi-heel/one-miracle-box/ of a great example of how pedicures are now being done at home.

The importance is that we realise this trend and work with it instead of against it. When planning your retail shelf, Make sure you stock items for home use in your salon.