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#NakedNails – A Manicure Kit for Damaged Nails

Giving your nails a break? Prefer not to wear varnish? Whatever your reason, the #nakednails bag is the perfect food for healthy, natural yet bare nails.

Let the natural beauty of your nails shine through with the Elim #NakedNails promotional offer.

Each bag contains:

Nail Cleanser
This unique formula was specifically designed for ageing and discolored nails. It brightens and whitens nails which gives them a natural French manicured look.

Nail Hardener
Elim Nail Hardener was scientifically formulated to simultaneously help the nail’s keratin structure to strengthen, while a protective shield forms over the nail, decreasing chips and allowing soft nails to grow.

Cuticle Remover
This PH balanced formula helps break down excess cuticles in seconds and contains moisturizing almond oil to help condition and soothe sensitive cuticles.

Cuticle MD
An intensive corrective treatment for dry and damaged cuticles. The 1st Anti-fungal & Anti-Bacterial treatment with a natural SPF for your hands.