What's the weirdest tan you've ever had?

We have all suffered from really strange odd suntan lines. Why?

The answer is pretty obvious! We didn't apply protection to the specific area,

But honestly there are some issues with our sun protection.

As a mom of two teenagers who love surfing, I know finding a great sunscreen that won't run into their eyes is a mission, and when you find it, you also have to settle for your share of pimples, because normally it is such a sticky business, it is like sealing the face with glad wrap.

I was having tea with a friend of mine not too long ago an we giggled quite a bit about her odd tan. She loves spending time outdoors. she also loves cycling, but hates the feel of sticky sunscreen on her hands. This is what she was left with after a great day out cycling.

I must say, it looked hysterical and although we are good friends, I had to admit, it didn't really go with her corporate outfit on the Monday.

Another one of course is the famous flip flop design on your feet, although you are not wearing flip flops....

Two beautiful white lines, easy to hide in winter, but who has them in winter. The solution?

I suppose you have one of two options. Wear your flip flops everyday all day. This way nobody will see those weird looking white invisible sandals you are wearing....

Option two, wear sunscreen! Obvious, I know, but the first thought that comes to mind is the beautiful soft white sand sticking to my rich, indulgent creamy sunscreen.

And that brings another though to my mind...... "how fast can get back to my car to wash my feet and dry them?"

At Elim Spa Products, we not only have fun with our products but we are constantly looking at these things and identifying ways that you can overcome them. I suppose the solution is easy, get a non-stick spritzer that will evaporate but protect your feet from those invisible white flip flops.

The third one, might not be so funny, but still dangerous if you fighting the good fight of hyperpigmentation!

We often use UV lamps during manicures, but have you considered that these are like little sun beds? Sure you will be ok with one or two treatments, but will you be ok using them monthly year in and year out.

Research has shown us that we are safe against skin cancer and for you to get cancer through the use of uv lamps, you will have to use the lamps monthly for 250 years.

Unfortunately this is not the case when it comes to hyperpigmentation. And if you are not a fan of little speckled hands, you have one of two choices.

I must admit, i would prefer using the Elim UV defense before i dress my hands in this little Lagerfeld number.

These days we are even warned against the blue lights of our phones, I personally think, us women should first consider the UV lamps and start spritzing before we get that gel baked.

Try Elim UV defense if you are living outdoors more than indoors. If you are driving more than an hour a day. If you are a keen cyclist or if you are spending weekends in sandals.

Elim Spa Products is also the manufacturer of the original MediPedi Range MediHeel and the Restorative Manicure procedure, MediHand offered in most salons and Spa's.

Ask for the best Manicure around, you will most likely be advised to never deviate from your MediHand Mani.

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