What Causes Split nails and what can I do?

At Elim Head Office we often get questions from clients asking us about splitting nails, not necessarily soft nails but the nail can be harder but splits from the center in an upwards direction.

I realize there are many questions around this. Do you suffer from splitting nails and what causes them? Split nails can be the result of a few things.

The most common cause is iron deficiency. We recommend drinking extra iron or eating

iron-rich vegetables.

Working in water and the drying and wetting of nails constantly. Do you have a job where your nails get wet and dry all the time? This could also be a cause of nail splitting. Make sure you use a barrier hand cream with enough moisturizing actives and hydration. We recommend Ultra Rich Hand Therapy.

If you are addicted to nail polish and change the color more often than usual you might be exposed to too much acetone that can dry and crack the nails. Use acetone-free nail polish remover and make sure you moisturize the nail with Cuticle MD from Elim afterward.

Injury to your nail may also lead to splitting nails. If you notice that the fingernails are splitting but the nails on your toes remain strong, then it means an external factor is a culprit.

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