This is how my feet stay perfect!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

10 Things to do if you want perfect heels.

I have been in the heel business for nearly two decades and I will admit that when I read about home cures for cracked heels, I often try them to see for myself.

I fell for the Listerine hack (see a picture here of someone who fell for the same joke) and all I could show for it were two blue feet. I also tried the painkiller powders mixed with citric acid (that didn’t work at all). I tried those little corn plasters only to find out that they were not made to stick to a toe. And so the list goes on.

At the end of the day there are definite tried and tested things that work. But they are like keeping fit or staying in shape. The key is consistency. There is no quick fix that will work once off.

Here are the things that transformed my feet from deep cracked heels to baby soft feet.

· I NEVER EVER file my feet, the closest I get to filing is using a pumice sponge in the shower with soap.

· If a therapist takes out a file, I speak up and I insist on a MediHeel chemical Peel with a Neutralizer.

· Every night before I get into bed, I wipe my feet with a wet cloth and apply my Foot Perfector.

· I apply Foot Perfector every morning of my life.

· When I get out of the shower in the morning, I take time to dry my feet, I don’t simply stand on a towel. I rub my heels, I dry between each toe. For those that think they don’t have time for this, consider the time you spend trying to fix the heels.

· I avoid walking barefoot.

· I love camping, and if I spend a lot of time outdoors, I make sure I sleep with extra hydration and socks.

· I pre-book my pedicures once a month. I never wait till they get really bad. I don’t leave the salon without booking the follow up.

· When I have time, I massage my feet and I spend time on the heel area. It is more prone to hard skin.

· I continuously remind myself that if I want beautiful feet, I need to give my feet the attention I give my face.

This year can be the beginning of your perfect feet. Start with your heels!

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