Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Not so sure what is safe? We asked a few experts.

Whether you choose yoga, Pilates, running or cardio training prenatal exercises can be very beneficial for mom and baby, and not only during pregnancy, but also post birth.

Everybody wants to look their best walking out of the hospital, but unfortunately it is not always a reality if you don't take care of your body during the crucial months.

We look at the benefits of the different exercis routines and ultimately, what is it we want from exercise during pregnancy?

We want to be fit for birth, we want to get our figure back as soon as possible and be flexible and move around comfortably right.

Oh yes, and if we can avoid as much water retention and heartburn it would be a bonus.

Most prenatal yoga classes include mild stretching, breathing and joint exercises that will enhance circulation and minimize water retention.

And off course as your bump grows so does the need to get stronger to carry the extra weight. This is a crucial time to take care of your back.

It is also our strong core that will keep us balanced. Yoga concentrates on breathing which can help if you plan on a natural birth.

Although Pilates is very close to Yoga, I do find that the Pilates classes has more toning benefits. Where I think it becomes a little risky is with the balancing acts, so be careful not to fall, skip the abdominal crunches. Also be careful of too much stress on the joints, remember you are now producing more of the hormone relaxin that will increase joint movements, but this happens for a reason and not really to increase your exercise routine.

Also avoid holding your breath for too long. The Elim YogaSprtiz is ideal to enhance your relaxation experience and will calm the senses.

What about aerobics? aerobics is a great way to keep fit when you're pregnant. If you did aerobics before your pregnancy and your pregnancy is going well, then it is perfectly fine to carry on as long as you feel comfortable. However, it's best to stick to low-impact aerobics during your pregnancy.

The verdict? Any exercise is good, but use common sense and consult your doctor. Avoid starting a new routine during pregnancy, walk, run, swim and enjoy staying fit, but avoid lying on the stomach and anything putting too much pressure on the lower back.

Any other advice from the experts?

· Massage your legs, or better yet, get your partner to do it. We recommend the Elim Muscle Soothing Massage oil.

· Spritz your body with a Dry Oil daily and protect your skin against stretch marks.

· Lightly spritz your pillow at night with the calm Elim YogaSpritzer

· Rub your bump, buttocks and breasts with the Elim Restorative Cream to keep them safe from stretch marks that can form during pregnancy.

· Make sure to use a active system to protect your skin against stretch marks.

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