4 Soapy Ingredients to avoid when Pregnant.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019


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For most of us pregnancy was a magnificent experience with lots of benefits like more energy and that glowing skin, but for many sensitive women it means months of nausea, hyperpigmentation, acne, breakouts and continuous skin reactions and off course stretch marks.

Most women we interviewed didn’t understand how their stretch marks formed or how to avoid them. There was a general idea that the formation of stretch marks was inherited and couldn’t be avoided.

Many women also believed that applying only Vit E oil would protect them.

At Elim we have done the scientific research and our work has always been based on preventing stretch marks rather than curing them.

But what is the real secret and why do some women walk out of hospital looking like they never gained a pound?

“The secret lies in the avoidance of soap” says Shantelle Booysen, founder of the Elim Spa products range who have been creating pregnancy products for the export market for over a decade.

“Women often don't know how valuable their natural body oil is, we have this golden layer of oil protecting us and when we fall pregnant or go through puberty the body

will prepare itself for increased elasticity”.

This is also why you might experience breakouts during pregnancy or puberty. The excess oil or sebum as it is referred to by skin experts give your skin the ability to stretch and elasticize.

Shantelle goes on to say that the reason the stretch marks form is because soap strips the body of its natural oil and thus its ability to stretch. When we do this, the skin will form a stretch mark. Rather enjoy a good soak in the bath.

The answer is simple, together with avoiding soap you should use a collagen rich cream with the correct nutrients similar to your skin's sebum.

When you this, the body will recognise the structure of the application and receive it as it is its own.

Exactly what then are the ingredients we should avoid?

Sodium laureth sulfate is the ingredient used in harsh soaps.

Methylisothiazolinone is a harsh synthetic preservative that should be avoided during pregnancy. Methylisothiazolinone is normally only supposed to be used in harsh cleaning products but is often found in our personal care products.

Sodium Hidroxide - Although Sodium hydroxide is not harmful as such, it is the reason behind that stiff squeaky clean feel. When all the oil was removed from the skin. If you don't want stretch marks, avoid this ingredient.

In essence, avoiding stretch marks during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy is easy. After you have committed to a soap free 6 months and you invest in your collagen rich nutrient cream like the Restorative Cream from Elim, you might want something that you can spritz on during the day.

We recommend the Argan body Gloss, a dry body oil that will not stain your clothes but will nourish and saturate the skin to its maximum level, ensuring that there is no need for further hydration. Dry oils today are more popular and the Elim Argan Body gloss comes in a spritzer which makes the application even more attractive. The formula is a synergy between 10 oils that all benefit the needs of your skin.

While you are in the shower feel free to use an intimate wash. we recommend one without any preservatives and colorants. You may even use the intimate wash cleansing the underarms, but avoid the "bust, buttock, belly" region. This is where you want to protect your skin's natural acid mantle.

Exfoliation will be important removing dead skin cells and might be challenging when you are not using any soap, That is why a rich oil based exfoliant without any micro or nano beads is your only safe option. Exfoliate the body with the Elim Exfoliating Body Polish before getting under running water and after your exfoliation, gently rinse off the light jojoba oil beads. This will leave a soft oily residue that will further increase the health of your skin.

So there you have it. Not having Stretch marks has nothing to do with your DNA, but all to do with how you treat your skin during those precious months.


Argan Body Oil

Elim Restorative Cream

Elim Exfoliating Body Polish

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