10 benefits you will only enjoy during pregnancy




I'm sure a 100 people have told you to rest and enjoy this special time in your lift and at Elim Spa products, we meet a lot of new expecting moms and yes some of them suffer a little with nausea and heartburn but for the most, it is a time filled with gratitude, joy and excitement.

We listed 10 great things that might only happen while you showcase that bump and here they are.

1.People you have never seen, come up to you and want to touch your belly, or some just walk by and smile.

2.Nobody ever judges how much you eat... even with a loaded plate, they will simply smile and say you have to stay healthy and eat enough.

3.You fall asleep at a friends dinner party and you are totally forgiven. They leave you to nap on the couch and simply smile while you snore.

4.Your complexion looks like you have weekly facials, you have a natural glow that seems to last even during the night.

5. Your breasts get bigger - For some this might not be a benefit but for most of us, we loved this part of being pregnant.

6. Arrive where there is a line, you will be sure to get the seat or skip the line.

7. There are few events in your life when you have such freedom to shop. But not only shop, you are gifted now more than ever.

8. Feel like watermelon and peanut butter,  only an expecting woman will get her mans attention at 2 in the morning to find her peanut butter.

9. Sex might be better with all the hormones passing through your body.

10. Feeling like an emotional roller coaster? For this you will also be forgiven, not too mention your forgetfulness.

At Elim we have created products for pregnant bellies for more than a decade.  We take care of your bump and promise that if you follow our advice on a soap free 9 months your skin will stay as healthy as it was before your pregnancy. Read my blog on living soap free.

For a healthy stretch mark free skin, follow the Elim Ritual and apply a dry oil during the day.  We recommend our Argan Body gloss, a restorative nutrient rich cream for the night - we suggest the Elim Restorative Cream and for a luxurious shower you can indulge in the Elim Body Polish.





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