Our Dads love a good experience!

Our Dads, just like us are wired to remember a good experience, more than we remember gifts or "things".

Ask yourself what you got for your birthday on your sixteenth birthday? Now ask yourself what was your best memory when you were 16. See? We all love those special experience.

I remember asking my kids what their best memory of their Dad was. Embarrassingly it was when the three boys went skinny dipping after midnight one night, it was never the expensive after shave, the socks, the biltong, the sweater or the toolkit we got him. It was then i decided that from then on, we will be giving great memories during these special days.

So if you are googling "ideas for Father's day", I have a great idea for you. Create something that is completely out of Dads comfort zone, book him and his little princess for a manicure. Has Dad ever gone for a MediHand Mani? I bet not.... They will have heaps of fun and dad will come home with beautifully cut and filed nails.

Elim Created the MediHand Manicure with not only woman but also men in mind. We created a #NakedNails Mani, where dads or even moms who prefer not to wear varnish or gel, can enjoy a nail buff, file, cut, cuticle removal and cuticle treatment and even a nail hardening application.

We are constantly looking at ways to bring the industry better innovation through our luxury spa brand and our #mani4men is a perfect example of this. What is more attractive than a man with beautifully cared for nails?

So call your closest spa or salon, ask for the MediHand Mani and book him and his little princess in for an hour of pure delight. I'm convinced she will do the talking and tell him all about the process. After all she is the princess of the house!

Next time you choose a Pedicure or Manicure, ask for the MediHand or MediHeel by name. From the people who brings you the latest in spa innovation.


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