Corona & Colloidal

and what they can do for each other.

Some call Colloidal Silver the Cure-all. If you don't know what Colloidal Silver is, either go ask your grandma or go to google. Those might be the best options.

Is it the cure to Corona, I will certainly not put my neck out on that one, but let me tell you I don't think anything is coincidence.

Last year I developed a Health spritzer that forms part of our Yoga Range. The first of 4 was called "breathe". I wanted to encourage you to take deep intentional breaths. After all, it is what keeps us alive.

Well, i was standing in the lab, and while I was playing with this spritzer I thought about adding Colloidal to it instead of simply giving it a water base.

In these times, what can Colloidal do for you?

I researched it a bit and there is nobody better than Stephanie Lucas to explain this. On her site she says.

" A report compiled by scientists in 1996 at The Silver Institute concluded several ways colloidal silver benefits the body. Through a process called catalytic oxidation, silver binds onto oxygen molecules that react with sulfhydral compounds that tend to surround both viral and bacterial infections. This combination helps block cellular respiration that allows these viruses to proliferate, while promoting the release of harmful bacteria and waste. Silver binds with DNA without destroying hydrogen bonds that keep the lattice structure together.According to research, this bond prevents the unwinding of the DNA, which is vital for cellular replication. Considering these facts may help explain how several medical literature and studies are now indicating a variety of health benefits of colloidal silver use."

So from my understanding the silver particles form a little string around the virus and the virus cannot multiply, if understand this complex paragraph correctly.

The Ailments it has been proven to fight amongst more are

General Bacteria in the Body. -Back in the 1980s, medical doctor and researcher Larry Ford successfully documented more than 600 harmful pathogens that colloidal silver was able to destroy in mere minutes of exposure. Furthermore, unlike prescription medications, colloidal silver doesn’t build up immunity, making it highly effective as an antibiotic that’s been proven effective to fight even the toughest superbugs.

Antiviral Diseases

There are both anecdotal and scientific accounts of the benefits of colloidal silver’s antiviral benefits. Many people are finding success fighting illnesses including AIDS/HIV, herpes, shingles, flu, Hepatitis C and pneumonia using just a few drops daily of this precious liquid.

Many historians claim that the reason the wealthy were able to escape the ravages of the Bubonic Plague is that they literally were born with silver spoons in their mouths, as the elite were known to use real silverware!

Inflammatory Conditions

Researchers at the National Institute of Health discovered that inflamed skin treated with this substance showed significant signs of recovery after just 72 hours, with untreated skin remaining much the same. Essentially, you have nothing to lose by trying colloidal silver to resolve any type of inflammation, including those of the lungs and sinuses.

Sinusitis & Breathing Problems

According to a recent report in the International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology, colloidal silver kills Staph aureus which is a primary cause of sinus infections and chronic rhinitis. Many people are using it in Neti-pots and directly in the nasal passages in lieu of nasal sprays for temporary relief of symptoms. This means it’s useful to help those suffering from colds, asthmatic symptoms, and common allergies.

Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Flu Relief

Modern drugs and even preventive aids like the flu shot seem to have little effect on common illnesses like the flu, pneumonia and bronchitis. In cases where the condition is caused by a viral infection, they may prove useless where colloidal silver seems to be beneficial. Internal ingestment or using a nebuliser quickly gets this treatment right to the source, helping reduce inflammation and congestion while fighting the bug with its antiviral properties.

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