100 % Natural Massage Oils from Elim Natura

Now you can use your massage Oils with peace of mind, knowing there are now mineral oils or white oils used in your massage medium.

Elim Natura was recently introduced as the sister brand for Elim Spa products as their more conscious natural sibling.

The Elim Natura Oils are available in a

  • Stress Relief Oil with Pure Ylang Ylang and Rose Oil

  • Muscle Soothing Oil with active Lavender and Rosemary Extracts

  • Anti-Cellulite Oil with warming Ginger and Cinnamon extracts.

All three the Oils come in a convenient pump bottle made with recyclable PET plastic and contains 250ml of Massage oil. The Oils contain their individual extracts and each oil is also enriched with Vit E oil, Coconut Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

The Oils may be used in massage treatments, sold as a retail product or used with your Lure Silicone Cups.

The Massage Oils will be available in July 2019.

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