The Origin of Beauty – hilarious view through the eyes of man.

Our mothers, aunts, teachers and nannies often used it. The lady at Pilates still refers to it.

Clumsy Phil, the weird uncle on your fathers’ side loves to sing a song about it at the New-Year’s Eve party. It is an age-old mantra, one nobody believes;



Blah, blah, blah! Who came up with this? We live in a world of fashion and cover girls, Miss Universe and Elsa from Frozen. True beauty originates from the perfect body and the perfect nose, strutting it out on the red carpets of Hollywood. We use skin creams, eyelashes, coloured hair and painted nails to be beautiful. Not so?
Yet, something scratches in us, like a feather lingering in the far corners of our psyche when we hear the familiar little mantra. We know there’s truth to it but surely this doesn’t apply to me? On self-reflection, we disagree with the notion of inner beauty and will fight it with every fibre of our being.
When our husband, mother, boyfriend refers to our beauty we refuse to believe them. When a total stranger makes eyes at us we question their motives

What bends the light,

twists the truth

and magnifies the lie a hundredfold?

What object in the house is subjective and turns its subjects into objects?

If you can, answer this: What ONLY reflects what you project?


The mirror on the bathroom wall is a strange and mysterious thing. We think it reflects the shape of our chin and the light in our eyes. We think it’s an accurate play-back of how the world sees us, but it isn’t. Mirrors do lie. Mirrors play back what we think we look like; it reflects what we feel about ourselves. Why do ‘beautiful’ people get eating disorders and ‘ugly’ ones have happy relationships then?

Is it possible that beauty originates from the inside, then spills over the basin, the toothbrush and the towel rail and ends up as a reflection in the mirror on the wall? Is it possible that we are as beautiful as we think we are?

I think we use hand creams, eyelashes, coloured hair and painted nails BECAUSE we are beautiful. Not to make us beautiful.

We spa and pamper to enjoy our beauty, not to transform us into something else. We rub and gloss to maintain our beauty, not to create it.

Maleficent made a huge mistake in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, because she asked the mirror.

Never ask the mirror, tell that mirror!

If you’re asking the question, you’re already in trouble. Because . . .



James Home- Content author

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