How much of what we see is Real?

I recently had a bit of an “awakening” when a client asked me if our before and after pictures were edited.


I was so taken back that I immediately organized for the team to set up a video so we can show the results live.

Still, this did not solve the problem. The public out there is still cynical of results and doubt before and after pictures.

With everything out there, I suppose one cannot blame them. But this is not just applicable to our before and after shots, I blame all the filters. My goodness, was I surprised when I saw a picture of myself on a friends Facebook.

I looked like a teenager. My skin looked like crystal and my eyes like an innocent little puppy dog.

I found this example of a similar Filter.

HMMM….. I am not too sure, does she really look prettier?


But is this our new reality and what is it doing to us? Do we trust less now that we know, very little of what we see is true?

I am struggling with this. We definitely want to look our best, of course, but somehow this is creating a warped reality. Where do we draw the line? We would love to get this conversation started. Feel free to give your honest opinion here.

Filters or no Filters. Tell us what you think.

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Shantelle Booysen
Shantelle Booysen is an innovator and entrepreneur. She recently made her début as a public speaker and in her captivating talks, Shantelle encourages the audience to explore and discover their inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge.

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