How much foot cream do I need?

I love feet and I love pedicures, I also love my business and the clients we have helped over more than a decade.


I often get the same question: “Shantelle, my feet are terribly dry, and it doesn’t matter what I do, they stay dry, could it be genetic?”

My answer is always the same. Get rid of the dry skin on the outer layer of your feet and then Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate.

We stand on our feet most of the day, we walk on them, some of us run on them. There is continuous pressure on the heels and feet. Our faces on the other hand has very little pressure on them. Our faces are also very protected with sunglasses, hats and more, but often our feet are exposed to hard dry areas when we walk bare feet.

If you apply moisturiser to your face and neck twice a day, how much more do you think your feet will need it to stay hydrated.

If we can just commit to twice a day it will be sufficient, but research shows that most women only use heel balm once in two weeks and men, once every 3 months. These are shocking figures, but the good news is that we can turn the condition of our heels around, by simply giving your feet the attention you are giving your hands and face.

Make that commitment today and start applying a good Heel Balm twice daily. We recommend our Foot Perfector, and if you need to first get rid of all the dry skin you can purchase the Combo option of the Callus Removal Kit and the Foot Perfector.

This is a winning solution that will get rid of dry skin on the heels, soften the feet and keep you slip free in your shoes while giving you a deep hydration.

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Shantelle Booysen
Shantelle Booysen is an innovator and entrepreneur. She recently made her début as a public speaker and in her captivating talks, Shantelle encourages the audience to explore and discover their inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge.

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