The Elim MediHand System was specifically designed for aging and pigmented hands. Our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays and UV lamps and the system contains all the actives to protect you from these harmfull elements.  Considered the most advance Manicure system globally used in most of the Premium Spa's and Salons.

Meet the New Super Manicure system.

The Industry was ready for a new generation Manicure.  One that offered more in terms of actives.  In Essence a Super Manicure.

The MediHand system is based on Natural Science to encourage true healing of the hands. As with all of the products here at Elim, this range is inspired by your body’s own wisdom and power. Ingredients are selected to strengthen and sustain the natural abilities of the skin.

Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun and as we age, we develop signs of aging and pigmentation. We specifically formulated this range to treat and reverse these signs of aging through carefully combining health-giving Vitamins and Nutritive Minerals, all-powerful helpers in nourishing and improving skin tone.

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MediHand Cuticle MD

The Elim Cuticle MD is an antibacterial cuticle rescue with a blend of 10 Oils to keep the cuticles in peak condition. The heart of the formulation is Coconut Oil, which is also a natural SPF for the Nail and Cuticle and protects against bacteria and fungi.  The ingredients include Coconut Oil, Vit E, Citrus Oil, Moriches Oil, Soybean oil and Calendula Oil, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Arnica Oil and finally Tiare Flower Extract


MediHand Fungal Force

The Elim Fungal Force is a radical treatment combining the natural forces of Science and Nature. Treatment includes a strong antibacterial active (Tea Tree Oil and Triclocarban) and an acidity agent Undecylenoyl Glycine to block any bacteria.

Added Undecylenoyl Glycine controls the acidity of the nail, blocking any bacteria. Again focusing on the PH balance of the nail. The success is in the combination of the natural ingredients with scientifically proven actives.


MediHand Cuticle Remover

This PH balanced formula helps break down excess cuticles in seconds and contains moisturizing Almond Oil to help condition and soothe sensitive cuticles. Great for manicures and pedicures.

Instantly softens cuticles. No soaking required.

The Elim Cuticle Remover has high actives that dissolve cuticles in seconds making it easy for removal. It not only removes cuticles but added oils protect and nourish the nail.


MediHand Express Dry

Elim Express Dry is a “double-duty” top coat which protects your nail polish while speeding up the drying process. It leaves a high-gloss finish which ensures that you will have a tough and long-lasting effect. Added elastins ensure the varnish is able to stretch, preventing any chipping after application.


MediHand Ultra Rich Hand Therapy

The Ultra Rich hydrating treatment restores moisture to dry skin for up to 12 hours. Infused with Vitamins, Oat Proteins and Hibiscus extracts to brighten and soothe your hands. Helps fight signs of aging on the hands.


MediHand Hydro Thermal Exfoliant

A PH balancing daily exfoliant to remove dull, dead skin cells. The unique Thermal agent with heating actives will enhance penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives. Leaves hands radiant and polished. Also contains Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile, natural Olive Oil and Beeswax that acts as a multi-active skin conditioner.


MediHand Nail Hardener

Prolonged exposure to water, Acrylic applications or a Vitamin deficiency can all play a role in weak or brittle nails. Elim Nail Hardener was scientifically formulated to simultaneously cause the nails keratin structure to strengthen; while a protective shield forms over the nail; decreasing chips and allowing soft nails to grow.


MediHand Age Reversal Hand Cream

The Elim MediHand Age Reversal Hand Cream is an intensive anti-aging formula specifically aimed at age reversal and eliminating dark spots on the hands. It also promotes the natural repairing mechanism of the skin.


MediHand Dark Spot Serum

The Elim MediHand Dark Spot Serum was specifically formulated for age spots and pigmentation that is slightly darker than usual age spots on the hands. The combination of Vitamin C, A, E and B3 will improve skin tone drastically for healthy and younger looking hands.




MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser

Do you suffer from discoloured nails? The Elim MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser is a nail whitener that brightens your nails for a natural french manicured look. It is aimed at achieving younger looking hands and nails through a new modern approach. The ingredients listing includes Vit C and natures very own nail whitener, Papain enzymes. Just like applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, you can now apply your Illuminating Nail Cleanser to your nailbrush and give your nails a daily scrub for cleaner, healthier and stronger nails.


Welcome to a brand new way of doing spa treatments. The Elim range includes a restorative pedicure and manicure specifically focussed on dehydration and pigmentation. The complete range was developed with facial grade ingredients to give your client a superior experience.

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