Male grooming is booming

Male grooming is booming

What do Dr Terry DuBrow, David Beckham and Rob Lowe have in common? The plastic surgeon, the soccer star and the former A-grade actor are all . . . men? Famous men? Handsome men?

Taking Care of Yourself is essential


Yes, yes and yes. They are famously handsome men but each one has also launched their own brand of grooming products. Grooming products for men, why?

Male grooming is booming. The global market for male grooming products is projected to reach US$60.7 billion by 2020. With products go services, with services go more products. Companies like Chaps & CO have sprung up to service demand for hair, beard and body grooming; companies like Elim have adapted their products to cater for men. Where’s it all going?

Taking Time to spend on your appearance should be priority


It’s simple, really. Life expectancy is increasing drastically and none of us want to look like an old man when we reach 70 or 80. We don’t necessarily want to look like David Beckam or Amr Diab, but we’re going to give it a shot for as long as we can.

Dr DuBrow is of the opinion that reconstructive facial surgery has failed us when it’s utilised to ‘keep us young’. He believes we should rather look after our skin and our features. The sun too has largely failed us; we need protection against its onslaught.


Kathem Al-Saher is a great example of male grooming in practice. His hair is always neat, his beard either clean-shaven or well maintained. The entire package is understated class; he represents male grooming in the 21st century.


New trends in male grooming:

  • Your hair should always be neat. Have it trimmed by a reputable Barbour a week before you think it needs a cut. By the time you see it, it’s too late.
  • Beards should be trimmed and neat BUT not too perfect. The ‘Lewis Hamilton’ look is a little overboard.
  • Hairy backs are a no-no. Get rid of it before you remove your shirt in public.
  • Calloused feet and chapped heels belong to the Iron Age. Don’t chase your neighbours away with feet that belong to a tortoise. Just don’t do it.
  • The sun is no joke. Start moisturising from as young as possible with UV protection daily.


It is the best time in history to be alive. Time to look as if we’re enjoying it!

James Home- Content writer


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  1. Male grooming is really important nowadays. Really, Kathem Al-Saher is a great example of male grooming in practice. Actually, water is essential to keep our skin healthy, the face benefits tremendously from a good moisturizer. I hope that their all tips are really helpful for me.

  2. Good day, I’m, looking for products to help remove dead cells from my legs feet after chemotherapy treatment, do hv any skin products to rejuvenate skin for dark skinned people

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