A professional Kit of advance pedicure peel products specifically designed for clients wanting to get rid of rough skin quickly.


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Imagine giving a Premium Spa Experience from the most prestigious spa, to the one you care about. We curated the best Elim Products into must-have gifts specially or you.

Elim Spa Products are used in treatments in the most sought-after hotels globally, including the Mandala - Berlin, The Fairmont – Monaco and the Taj Mahal in India.  You can now give someone this experience to enjoy in the comfort of their own space.

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These are our best of the best treats for Chrismtas. Our most popular Gifts for for Her.


The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit is your go-to for all your pregnancy beauty care needs.

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A fine Gold Dust shimmer in a premium French Fragrance for the entire body.  

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This Eco Bag comes with 3 Manicure products.

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Medi-Pedi in a Box

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The Elim MediHeel Medi-Pedi in a Box is jam-packed full of products that are specifically designed for those feet emergency moments! Removes calluses in 10 minutes and leaves feet smooth and hydrated. 


Get a medical spa quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home with restorative ingredients targeting specific foot issues.

Everything you would expect from a Professional medi-pedi for @home comfort.



1 x 100ml Callus Softening Tonic ,1 x 100ml Skin pH Neutralizer, 1 x 150ml MediHeel AHA Foot Exfoliant, 1 x 125g MediHeel Anti-bacterial Spa Additive Foot Soak, 1 x 150ml MediHeel Foot Perfector Balm for hydration, 1 x 10ml Cuticle MD - A superior cuticle oil, 1 x 100ml MediHeel Rejuvenating Gold Sprit, 1 x Pumice stone (part of the Callus Removal Kit), Tools include the scraper, dropper and latex glove (part of the Callus Softening Kit)

Pregnancy Survival Kit

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The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit is your go-to for all your pregnancy beauty care needs. Containing 4 essential soap-free products, this kit will have you feeling beautiful and leave your skin well-hydrated.

The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit has a strict no-soap foundation. This is because using soap on the skin during pregnancy removes the skin’s natural ability to stretch.  BodyScience is a natural and nutrient-rich system for women going through pregnancy or puberty.

The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit is a 4-Step Programme that will guarantee a stretchmark-free body after baby arrives.

1. The Soapless Shower Gel protects the natural oil layer on the skin, vital for skin elasticity.

2. The exfoliating body polish contains no soap and works by gently removing all the dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling invigorated and luminous. For added shine, the body polish contains natural oils to hydrate the skin as well as a hint of shimmer for that luxurious glow.  Exfoliate the body before running water in the shower. Do not combine with soap.

3. For the night time, use our rich and indulgent Restorative cream that restores the body and firms the skin simultaneously. The restorative cream will protect the skin from environmental pollution while plant extracts and bio-minerals will firm the skin. This excellent moisturiser contains a powerful anti-inflammatory action and is best used at night.

4, The forth item is a fast-absorbing dry oil spray that contains 9 top oils to deliver instant hydration without staining clothes.


Argan Body Gloss A Dry Body Oil Spray

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Leaves the skin velvety smooth, radiant and glossy. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals while nutritional Argan oil increases elasticity and fights skin allergies. Contains Calendula, Rose, Arnica and Vitamin E oils. This product is safe to use on your face and body. The BodyScience Argan Body Gloss is a fast absorbing dry oil spray for instant hydration.

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Liquid Shimmering Mist for the entire body.

Dust yourself with GOLD

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A Fine French Fragrance Perfume with a Liquid Shimmer is the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe.  Enhanced with hydration actives to keep your skin moisture, the Elim Liquid Shimmering Mist will make you shine and stand out. 

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Gift Box with 3 Luxury Shower Oils

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A Soap Free Alternative is your passage to a glowing, healthy skin.  

Available in 3 premium scents, the Elim Shower Oil offers a  rich luxurious shower experience. Instead of stripping the skin, you will nourish, feed and protect the deeper layers of your skin, slowing down the ageing process.​

Coco & Earth Vanille  A secretive scent of Coco Butter and Earth Vanille.  Encapsulate and protect your skin's natural acid mantle.​

Purity & Power  Comforting Extravagance with Vit E & Restorative Coconut Oil.

Fresh Grass & Morning Mist  Natural oils and & nutritive Vit E with a scent of freshly cut morning grass improves skin elasticity.


Liquid Meditation with Elim YogaSpritz

Healing Essential Oil Body Spray

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The Elim Natura YogaSpritz will enhance your Yoga, Sauna, Pilates, Shower or holistic routine.

The range caters for deep breathing, a heighten sensorial experience and deep relaxation. Simply spritz the Elim YogaSpritz with added Colloidal Silver on your hands, rub, cup the palms and inhale deeply. The Elim YogaSpritz can also be spritzed on the body, yoga mat and your immediate surroundings. Use when needed.​​

Empower  Strength, Control & Confidence is Yours.

Breathe   Increase in Deep Intentional Breathing.​

Relaxer  Calm & Balance Body and Mind.​

Enlighten – Awaken to your radical transformation.