Escape from Stretch Marks

Escape from Stretch Marks


Hello, my name is Shantelle and I am the founder of Elim Spa Products.  A company who seeks real solutions to your beauty frustrations.

We all know deep down that it is impossible to completely get rid of a stretch mark. I have seen them gone lighter, I have even seen them become very narrow and lean, but I have yet to come across someone who showed me a stretch mark that completely disappeared.

We live in a realistic age where we need data, concrete information and most of all we need a guarantee that where we spend our money, we will get what was promised to us.

The truth is, nobody should be promising you that you can get rid of those mummy lines completely. (unless of course you opt for laser or surgery)

But what we can promise you, is that we can definitely escape them.

Your body produces a natural oil or Sebum to enhance the elasticity of the skin. During puberty or pregnancy you produce more of this oil and this is also partly to blame for the acne breakouts during these periods.

The mistake we make in our second trimester is that we wash the skin with harsh soaps that have strong fragrances and we remove all the natural oils from the skin.

The belly will now go into stretch mode and because it has no oil for elasticity the stretch mark will form. And we all know, once its there, it is more or less there to stay.

At Elim we have a simple system where we add to the body’s elasticity capacity instead of removing it.

You shower with your Argan Body Gloss, you exfoliate with your Exfoliating Body Polish once a week and you massage your belly and buttocks with the Restorative Cream every night.

These simple steps will give your skin all the elasticity it needs to stretch and shrink back after baby arrives.

Wondering about the rest of your body? If you are use to and accustomed to using soap, we urge you to use it only where you feel you need it and feel free to use an intimate cleanser.

Happy stretching and stay stretch mark free.

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Shantelle Booysen
Shantelle Booysen is an innovator and entrepreneur. She recently made her début as a public speaker and in her captivating talks, Shantelle encourages the audience to explore and discover their inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge.

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Escape from Stretch Marks