#ELIMinate Micro Beads from our Oceans

Most of us consider the environment when making retail decisions. We all hurt when we take our dogs for a walk on the beach and see the horrible pollution in our oceans.

Is it a endless fight or can we do something?

Elim believes that every step towards a healthier planet is a step forward and that is why we are critically looking at all ingredients and their effect on our planet.



Research that was done by the Stockholm university now tells us the there is 130 tons of micro plastics from personal care products that are being flushed down household drains in Sweden, and 40 tons are ending up in the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea water exchange is extremely slow; therefore micro plastics will stay here possibly forever.

Elim has taken a stand against this and against all cost consideration has now committed to remove all micro plastics from all its products.


By Mid 2017 we will not be selling any products in our range containing Micro Beads
We are replacing all Micro Beads with a super granule, that will be friendly to our oceans, general environment and your skin – Shantelle Booysen – CEO of Elim Spa Products

Elim takes conservation and the protection of our planet very serious and will stay committed to protect and preserve.

So ask us about our new 5 year plan! ELIMinate Micro Beads by Mid 2107, but this is not where it will stop.

In the next half decade we plan to attack a new environmental monster every 6 months, and we plan to involve you our consumers in this.

Share the vision.

#ELIMinate Microbeads

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Shantelle Booysen
Shantelle Booysen is an innovator and entrepreneur. She recently made her début as a public speaker and in her captivating talks, Shantelle encourages the audience to explore and discover their inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge.

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