We all hate Slippery Foot Lotions, Don’t we?

12 years ago, I walked out of a pedicure here in Cape Town with my feet oily and slippery in my shoes.  I got in my car and took off my shoes immediately….. try putting an oily foot on the breaks!

I was so frustrated. Now I had to walk bare feet, my shoes were oily and everything clung to the moisture underneath my feet, making it look like I never had that pedi.

Have you felt this way?  I am sure you have.  I went on a search, I started buying every heel balm I could lay my hands on.  I tried them all!  And with absolutely no luck.  Some were great absorbers and I actually felt like they were food for my dry heels, but I could not find one that didn’t leave the oily wet residue.

It was a winters day and I was in a new make up store that had just opened.  A friendly sales lady spritzed a product on my face that was suppose to set my make up.  It did wonders for my face and this is where the Foot Perfector was born.  If this wonder product could set the make up on my face after application, surely it could set my pedicure…..

The search began and a year later we had a beautiful heel balm with the lock in system that was developed for make up setting.  But that was not enough…  seeing that the active ingredient locked in all moisture, there was no reason we couldn’t add more.  And you know the Elim philosophy, we developed a facial for your feet.  We use facial grade ingredients and what is good for the face is good for the feet.

Here is a list of ingredients I added to the normal foot formulation.  Not just your average list of ingredients.

  • Vitamins and Almond Oils to nourish and feed the feet.
  • Shea Butter for hydration.
  • Isopropyl Myristate is an extra absorption mechanism that ensures every ingredient is absorbed into the skin.
  • Vitamin E
  • Collagen to plump skin and improve its appearance.
  • Pro Vitamin B5.
  • Honeyquat an excellent humectant.
  • Propylene Glycol acts as a water lock system.
  • Urea was included for hydration.
  • Dimethicone the magic solution that prevents the slipping.

So there you have it, the 5th product in your MediHeel Super Pedicure, a real facial for your feet.


What are those big, white peeling patches after Gel applications are removed?

What are the dry, peeling patches that appears on the nail bed after you remove your Gel application or your varnish and why do they appear?

Do you sometimes feel like you need a break in between a manicure or a pedicure. Usually the reason we feel this, is because of the condition our nails are in after prolonged varnish applications.

I decided to shed some light on what our nails really need and why we have those white patches that screams for hydration.

The big myth is that we need to give our nails time to breath in-between manicures. The truth is that our nails do not actually breathe. They get all their oxygen and food from our bloodstream and not from the environment.

Does this mean we can continually have varnish on the nail bed? Absolutely not, this only means that those big white patches of dryness you see after you remove your varnish, gel or acrylic nail is not an oxygen shortage.

These big white peeling patches are called keratin granulation. This happens when the top layers of the nail cells are removed and exposed.

The answer? A 3 week break from varnish, gel or any color.

We love to make complex things simple and I will explain the structure of the nail briefly. The layers of your nail looks like scales on a fish. These scales are made of keratin (a protein) and they get damaged and dried out by the use of specific chemicals – especially acetone. Acetone causes the scales to pull away from each other. This causes the dryness, ridging and peeling.


What advice can we give you?

  • Minimize the use of Acetone.
  • Minimize strong solvents like hand sanitising alcohols.
  • The cuticle is there to protect the nail, do not cut them away. Rather use a gentle cuticle remover or cuticle oil and gently push them back. We love the Cuticle MD from Elim. It contains 10 oils to heal, hydrate and protect the cuticle and has a natural SPF. Cutting cuticles will expose the nail and cuticle to dehydrate sooner, so stay away from any cutters.
  • Use a hand cream with an SPF to protect your hands and nails against UV rays. We recommend the Ultra Rich Hand Cream from Elim.
  • Want an easy solution? Elim compiled the #nakedNails program that has everything you need for those breaks in between. It is off course also great for those of us who don’t like wearing color at all.

Go on and give your nails that well deserved break.

What on earth is a free radical and why do I need antioxidants?

FREE RADICAL – just hearing it, I think of some hippy in the 60’s who had radical ideas and believed in being free. NOT.


Our skincare products are filled with jargon and I sometimes have to stop myself and wonder how much do we actually know about what goes on in all the jargon we find on our labels.

Free radical has been a buzzword for sometime now, but most people don’t really know what this is or why they are bad.

Let me explain this in a way even I understood it.

We have lots of oxygen molecules in our body. The oxygen is a little molecule. Sometimes these little oxygen molucules split in two. They call this “unpaired electrons”.

Electrons are not keen on being unpaired so they will constantly look for a mate to pair with again so they are not “unpaired”. These free little atoms that wonder around looking for friendship we call free radicals.

They travel looking for any atom to pair up with, just not to face their own loneliness. The problem with this dating game is that they don’t mate with singles, they actually rob other molecules of their halves and pair up with them. Pretty much like stealing someone else’s boyfriend.

Does the relationship show potential? If it started out this way, there is no way it has a chance.


They pair up with anybody and this causes damage to skin cells and the DNA, (remember there is a robbed molecule somewhere who’s better half was stolen) and this is why we need to get rid of these free travellers.

Free radicals are associated with disease, cancer, parkinsons etc so we need to fight them with everything in us. It also causes our cells to grow incorrectly and that is what we see on the outside as ageing.

More symptoms of free radicals according to Dr Donielle Wilson is fatigue, headaches, noise sensitivity, memory loss and brain fog, muscle and joint pain, wrinkles and gray hair, vision trouble and decreased immunity.

How you may ask…. The good news is that the body has a natural defense mechanism to fight these free travellers, we call this antioxidants. So the next time you see that a food or nut contains antioxidants, (berries, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, nuts and green tea.) you know what it will do when it comes into contact with the unfriendly free radicals. It will start fighting them to push them out of the body.

What causes free radicals?

They say that excessive exercise causes free radicals, but before you cancel the gym contract, note they said excessive. Normal exercise will always be healthy.

And of course fried foods, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides and air pollutants are all causes of this free radical forming process.

Model of the story? Eat colourful foods, exercise regularly and drink healthy water. It will slow down sickness and definitely slow down the ageing process.


The Fuss about PH

We have all heard that there is a big fuss about the PH of our bodies and most of us are using PH adjusters, or look at products that secures a healthy PH, but what is the fuss all about and why is the PH of our bodies so important.

First of all we need to understand that different systems in our body requires a different PH to stay healthy.  Your blood has a PH of between 7.35 and 7.45. A variance in this PH balance can cause many symptoms.

When the PH is too high you may experience:

  • muscle twitching, hand tremor, muscle spasms
  • numbness and tingling
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • lightheadedness
  • confusion

A PH that is too low may cause:

  •  rapid breathing,
  • fatigue, and
  • confusion

When Elim developed their Pedicure range we took into consideration how important the PH of the skin is and this is why the Tonic has to be used with the Neutralizer.  The Callus Tonic takes the PH of the skin to 11 to dissolve dead skin cells but we have to bring the skin back to its normal PH of 5.5.

Just soaking in water will not balance the PH, you need a PH neutralizer.

Through years of selling this product we have come to learn that the product has become a SOS in the salon and it is used not only to restore PH, but to save many uncomfortable situations.

This ranges from,

  • Sunburned skin
  • Chicken pox
  • Mosquito bites
  • Eczema and skin irritations
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne and many more

The Elim Neutralizer should be in every salon room and can comfortably be used in any situation where there are skin abnormalities.


Lets first look at why do we have acne or pimples and what causes this?  According to Stylecraze.com

The main cause of acne is excess secretion of sebum and pH in this case helps to control acne. The balanced pH of 5.5 helps to create a healthy environment, which keeps the bacteria at bay. Acne causing Propioinbacterium bacteria grows when the pH of the skin is more alkaline

Using the Neutralizer will balance your skin and a healthy PH means a healthy skin.