What do you offer in the BodyScience range?

We offer you 3 treatments. The first being an Exfoliating Body Polish, then an Argan Body Oil and a Restorative Body Cream.

What is the difference between the Exfoliating Body Polish and any other body exfoliator?

The Difference?  We do not use sugar or salt in our scrubs, only Pearl Wax beads.
We believe in little or no soap on your body, protecting the natural Sebum of your skin.

And to add some glamour, we added silver shimmer to the Polish.
You will feel fresh and radiant.

And the fragrance, you might ask?
Yes, we always fragrance with fine fragrances, this time it is Cool Water from Davidoff.

Can I use all three together?

You may use the exfoliator on your body before opening the water.
You may use the Restorative Body Cream on your legs, belly and breast area at night.
You may use the oil during the day.

You can layer these products to enhance the effect.

Is it a non-sticky oil?

Absolutely, it is quickly absorbed and our promise is no oily residue on the skin.
The finer the oil you use, the more expensive and pure- this will give you a very small oil molecule.
The smaller the molecule – the easier it is to absorb into the skin.

Our oils are fine oils and therefor will leave no residue on the skin or your clothing.

What other oil did you add to your Argan Body Gloss?

Argan Moroccan Oil, Calendula, Rose, Arnica,  Rosemary,  Jojoba, Evening Primrose  and Babassu Palm Oil.

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