The Fuss about PH

We have all heard that there is a big fuss about the PH of our bodies and most of us are using PH adjusters, or look at products that secures a healthy PH, but what is the fuss all about and why is the PH of our bodies so important.

First of all we need to understand that different systems in our body requires a different PH to stay healthy.  Your blood has a PH of between 7.35 and 7.45. A variance in this PH balance can cause many symptoms.

When the PH is too high you may experience:

  • muscle twitching, hand tremor, muscle spasms
  • numbness and tingling
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • lightheadedness
  • confusion

A PH that is too low may cause:

  •  rapid breathing,
  • fatigue, and
  • confusion

When Elim developed their Pedicure range we took into consideration how important the PH of the skin is and this is why the Tonic has to be used with the Neutralizer.  The Callus Tonic takes the PH of the skin to 11 to dissolve dead skin cells but we have to bring the skin back to its normal PH of 5.5.

Just soaking in water will not balance the PH, you need a PH neutralizer.

Through years of selling this product we have come to learn that the product has become a SOS in the salon and it is used not only to restore PH, but to save many uncomfortable situations.

This ranges from,

  • Sunburned skin
  • Chicken pox
  • Mosquito bites
  • Eczema and skin irritations
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne and many more

The Elim Neutralizer should be in every salon room and can comfortably be used in any situation where there are skin abnormalities.


Lets first look at why do we have acne or pimples and what causes this?  According to

The main cause of acne is excess secretion of sebum and pH in this case helps to control acne. The balanced pH of 5.5 helps to create a healthy environment, which keeps the bacteria at bay. Acne causing Propioinbacterium bacteria grows when the pH of the skin is more alkaline

Using the Neutralizer will balance your skin and a healthy PH means a healthy skin.


Male grooming is booming

Male grooming is booming

What do Dr Terry DuBrow, David Beckham and Rob Lowe have in common? The plastic surgeon, the soccer star and the former A-grade actor are all . . . men? Famous men? Handsome men?

Taking Care of Yourself is essential


Yes, yes and yes. They are famously handsome men but each one has also launched their own brand of grooming products. Grooming products for men, why?

Male grooming is booming. The global market for male grooming products is projected to reach US$60.7 billion by 2020. With products go services, with services go more products. Companies like Chaps & CO have sprung up to service demand for hair, beard and body grooming; companies like Elim have adapted their products to cater for men. Where’s it all going?

Taking Time to spend on your appearance should be priority


It’s simple, really. Life expectancy is increasing drastically and none of us want to look like an old man when we reach 70 or 80. We don’t necessarily want to look like David Beckam or Amr Diab, but we’re going to give it a shot for as long as we can.

Dr DuBrow is of the opinion that reconstructive facial surgery has failed us when it’s utilised to ‘keep us young’. He believes we should rather look after our skin and our features. The sun too has largely failed us; we need protection against its onslaught.


Kathem Al-Saher is a great example of male grooming in practice. His hair is always neat, his beard either clean-shaven or well maintained. The entire package is understated class; he represents male grooming in the 21st century.


New trends in male grooming:

  • Your hair should always be neat. Have it trimmed by a reputable Barbour a week before you think it needs a cut. By the time you see it, it’s too late.
  • Beards should be trimmed and neat BUT not too perfect. The ‘Lewis Hamilton’ look is a little overboard.
  • Hairy backs are a no-no. Get rid of it before you remove your shirt in public.
  • Calloused feet and chapped heels belong to the Iron Age. Don’t chase your neighbours away with feet that belong to a tortoise. Just don’t do it.
  • The sun is no joke. Start moisturising from as young as possible with UV protection daily.


It is the best time in history to be alive. Time to look as if we’re enjoying it!

James Home- Content writer


The Origin of Beauty – hilarious view through the eyes of man.

Our mothers, aunts, teachers and nannies often used it. The lady at Pilates still refers to it.

Clumsy Phil, the weird uncle on your fathers’ side loves to sing a song about it at the New-Year’s Eve party. It is an age-old mantra, one nobody believes;



Blah, blah, blah! Who came up with this? We live in a world of fashion and cover girls, Miss Universe and Elsa from Frozen. True beauty originates from the perfect body and the perfect nose, strutting it out on the red carpets of Hollywood. We use skin creams, eyelashes, coloured hair and painted nails to be beautiful. Not so?
Yet, something scratches in us, like a feather lingering in the far corners of our psyche when we hear the familiar little mantra. We know there’s truth to it but surely this doesn’t apply to me? On self-reflection, we disagree with the notion of inner beauty and will fight it with every fibre of our being.
When our husband, mother, boyfriend refers to our beauty we refuse to believe them. When a total stranger makes eyes at us we question their motives

What bends the light,

twists the truth

and magnifies the lie a hundredfold?

What object in the house is subjective and turns its subjects into objects?

If you can, answer this: What ONLY reflects what you project?


The mirror on the bathroom wall is a strange and mysterious thing. We think it reflects the shape of our chin and the light in our eyes. We think it’s an accurate play-back of how the world sees us, but it isn’t. Mirrors do lie. Mirrors play back what we think we look like; it reflects what we feel about ourselves. Why do ‘beautiful’ people get eating disorders and ‘ugly’ ones have happy relationships then?

Is it possible that beauty originates from the inside, then spills over the basin, the toothbrush and the towel rail and ends up as a reflection in the mirror on the wall? Is it possible that we are as beautiful as we think we are?

I think we use hand creams, eyelashes, coloured hair and painted nails BECAUSE we are beautiful. Not to make us beautiful.

We spa and pamper to enjoy our beauty, not to transform us into something else. We rub and gloss to maintain our beauty, not to create it.

Maleficent made a huge mistake in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, because she asked the mirror.

Never ask the mirror, tell that mirror!

If you’re asking the question, you’re already in trouble. Because . . .



James Home- Content author

Men in Robes

We spoke about men and their fear of spas and we discussed the challenges of increasing the male patronage.

Now it’s time to get our hands dirty. 

Here follows one of the stories men hear around the barbeque. These are the tales that drive fear in the hearts of golfers and their caddies alike when teeing off on the 3rd at St Andrews. This is how your potential customers are pre-programmed to dread the unknown. Read with caution.

A Novice

The receptionist had waved me toward the change rooms and I complied. My wife was nowhere to be seen, I was going solo. I undressed and robed as per instruction, then lingered in the bathroom. After an eternity I ventured out and found myself exposed in the hallways of beauty. Commando under the robe is not for the fainthearted. Others were gliding purposely while I lumbered to the fruit juice dispenser for a desperate swig of something, no Budweiser in sight. The waiting area was packed. I took a tentative sip of the organic and eyed the sofa, designed for Snow White’s little friends I’m sure. It was one of those father-in-law-will-pop-his-knee-replacement couches. Low and dangerous, certainly not endorsed by the ‘Orthopodedic Association’.


A Clown

At this point my wife sped to my aid and I relaxed momentarily. This was a mistake. In the attempt to plonk my rear down I accidently flashed the vicar’s wife and startled the cleaning staff. My back hit the edge of the couch, slopping my drink over the lava lamp and I promptly flashed everyone again. Things were rapidly going the shape of a pear. In the space of a few seconds I had offended the patrons and staff, partially dislocated my lumbar spine and almost extinguished the decor. No one giggled or made an attempt to put me at ease, they just stared. My wife started to act like my teenage daughter. She made as if she didn’t know me from a bar of soap and I’m pretty sure I heard a ‘tut-tut’ escape her lips. I grabbed the Cosmo off the display and faked interest in the ‘7 Ways to orgasm before the next moon landing’ article when my therapists arrived. Thank goodness. I will never know how I escaped the sofa-trap, but I managed it without displaying more of my manliness to the world. She led me to the scary unknown while I desperately held out my hand toward my wife. My dearest was ushered off elsewhere, unimpressed.


A Gymnast

Question: How do you get onto a high plinth, space the towels to cover the sensitive areas and lie down without tipping over?

Well … don’t ask me. Suffice to say that half my man-rump was on display when the poor girl re-entered. By now I couldn’t give a damn anymore, I was in over my head. In way over.

A Satisfied Customer

At this point things turned around. Fortunately my therapist displayed the grace we usually attribute to the Duchess of Canterbury. She straightened me out and started to do her thing without a hint of condescension. I was due for a back massage and an Elim Medi-Heel pedicure. Never will I look back.



I walked in with the feet of a Hobbit and left with my toes in bows. I walked in oblivious of bliss and left a new man. It was a great experience. The decor was beautiful, wish I could do that at home. The washrooms were clean, the pool was great and the therapists were fantastic. I relaxed, enjoyed and saw the resurrection of my heels. I’ll definitely be back.

Tall tales will always be told around the barbeque or golf course. Next time, ask to hear the second half of the story.

Mine had a good ending.  

James Home – Content Author