Another Sharing Idea To Make Your Spa Or Salon More Profitable

Picture this:

  • Monday Mornings are quiet at the Salon Right?
  • Winter is quieter than December Right?
  • It takes effort to get your salon cozy and warm in Winter Right?


Sharing with a business in your area might just be the answer. HOW? Let us share some ideas.


This is what i would like to see with my next Pedicure and this is how you do it.


Trade 3 low cost Spa Treatments (massages) for the same value Hot Chocolates at a nearby restaurant.

hot choc

When your client arrives you can choose to order in for her or you can issue her with the Hot Chocolate voucher.


The Restaurant in return can use their massage vouchers as an incentive to motivate Staff and can be redeemed on a Monday Morning when it is down time at the spa.


If you feel that food is too risky in the spa and you prefer gifts, why not partner with a sock company and give away a warm pair of socks with each Pedicure?


With a little effort you are adding value to your treatments and not spending any money.


We would love to hear from you.


Let us know if this worked in your salon.  Feel free to share this blog.



Shantelle Booysen

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Shantelle Booysen
Shantelle Booysen is an innovator and entrepreneur. She recently made her début as a public speaker and in her captivating talks, Shantelle encourages the audience to explore and discover their inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge.

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