Why MediHeel for Cracked Heels

We looked at the traditional way of treating cracked heels while doing pedicures and turned the system on it’s head. We changed the sequence of the traditional pedi and added the procedures and products we knew would guarantee better results. A pedicure is always judged by two elements.

1. The condition of the heels 2 days after your pedi and

2. The quality of your varnish.

Although we do not manufacture any nail varnish we make sure in our procedure that the preparation of the nail bed is up to standard and this will ensure your varnish to last longer.

Follow our 6 step programme and experience this revolutionary new process.

Introducing the MediHeel 6 Step Programme


Spa Additive

Our Spa Additive is an intense pedicure treatment used to hydrate the feet.  Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients sanitize and soften the feet gently, while a Eucalyptus and Rosemary infusion helps to boost circulation.


Foot Perfector

Our Foot Perfector is a medium weight cream that brightens and softens the feet, smoothing over fine lines.  Vitamins B5, C and E nourish the foot while the unique gel-powder helps lock in moisture, ensuring a flawless finish.


Rejuvenating Gold Spritz

Add glamour to your feet and legs with this rejuvenating Gold Spritz.  The perfect finish to a pedicure or use it daily to add glamour to your feet!

Treat yourself with MediHeel

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